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Coshocton Opportunity School Details
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Number 000598
Name Coshocton Opportunity School
2011 Grade
Street Address 1205 Cambridge Rd
City Coshocton
County Coshocton
Zipcode 43812-2741
Phone (740) 622-3600
Grades 9-12
Teachers 2
Students 50
State Report Card Status for 2011 Not Rated
Number of Underperforming Years (if applicable) 1 (Delay)
Fax (740) 623-6860
Sponsor Coshocton City (City SD)
Sponsor Number 043828
Superintendent: Roger Dale Moore
Treasurer: Gary L. Lowe
Director: Roger Dale Moore
CCIP Fiscal Representative: Gary L. Lowe (CCIP)
Primary Contact: Roger Dale Moore (Sponsor)
Data Entry Planning: Roger Dale Moore (CCIP)
Data Entry Funding: Roger Dale Moore (CCIP)

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