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Virtual Schoolhouse, Inc. Details
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Number 000564
Name Virtual Schoolhouse, Inc.
2011 Grade F
Street Address 736 Lakeview Rd
City Cleveland
County Cuyahoga
Zipcode 44108-2608
Phone (216) 541-2048
Grades K-12
Teachers 0
Students 475
State Report Card Status for 2011 Academic Emergency
Number of Underperforming Years (if applicable) 6
Fax (216) 541-2018
Sponsor Lucas County ESC (Educational Service Center)
Sponsor Number 048199
Superintendent: Kenneth James Schmiesing
Treasurer: Mary M. Markle
Supervisor: Vivian D. Garfunkel (Title I Programs)
OEDS-R Organization Administrator: Kenneth James Schmiesing
Manager: Vivian D. Garfunkel (21st Century Grant)
Educator: Vivian Garfunkel
Secure Data Center: Kenneth James Schmiesing (Standard Level Access)
Shaindel T. Jacobovitch (Student Level Access)
Special Education Contact: Vivian D. Garfunkel
A Plus = “Excellent with Distinction” • A = “Excellent” • B = “Effective” • C = “Continuous Improvement” • D = “Academic Watch” • F = “Academic Emergency”